BUFF UP like BATMAN – What did Ben REALLY do?

To BUILD HIMSELF into the IDEAL BATMAN PHYSIQUE, Ben Affleck really had to focus on both his PHYSICAL TRAINING + DIET.   He needed to create an overall athletic physique, not just big muscles.  Filming for the role was also physically challenging, which meant Ben had to have excellent cardio endurance to make it thru all those strenuous stunt scenes and long days on set.  The training program he used was a high intensity, full body workout that got him ripped just in time for the start of the film shooting.  He did a lot of cardio training mixed in with his resistance training.  In terms of his weight training, he would alternate high reps and low reps with both compound and isolation workouts. He did tons of torso work and abs work (+ his abs show it).  He also incorporated mixed martial arts into his training. All of this combined with the right diet will be great for overall fitness and muscular development.


  • Breakfast: Egg white omelet + oatmeal + banana
  • AM snack: Protein shake
  • Lunch: Chicken + sweet potato
  • PM snack: Apple+ almonds
  • Dinner: Chicken + spinach

Although this may not look like a lot of food, his main priority was eating enough protein to FUEL HIS TRAINING + BUILD UP HIS BODY MASS.  This meant that he was eating approx. 1g of protein for every lb of body weight he was trying to achieve / maintain.  So to BUILD A BUFFED UP BATMAN BODY he was eating about 250g of protein per day!

What many don’t know is that Ben initially TURNED DOWN the role because he wasn’t sure if he could pull it off.  When it was made public, many rushed to criticize him, venting on social media and demanding that producers replace him.  He said that it only fueled him during the transformation even more!!