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we customize our v-lean shakes for VIP customers across all industries.

Pete M. – WARNER BROTHERS EXECUTIVE   |   Stephanie H. – U.S. OLYMPIC TRACK MEDALIST   |   Pilar B. – MIAMI CELEBRITY ATTORNEY   |   Cheryl L. – VP BURBERRY   |   Amy K. – GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM EXEC   |   Kara A. – NAPA VALLEY LUXURY RESORT DIR OF MARKETING   |   Pixie L – ACTRESS ON ‘GAME OF THRONES’   |   Doug M. – LENNY KRAVITZ’S AGENT   |   + FORBES 400 members, leading philanthropists, film + TV celebrities, + many other top executives + entrepreneurs. 

We source the finest quality ingredients

We understand that VIPs have high standards for fitness, weight management, fitting in high end fashion and being healthy so from right here at our boutique micro-batching facility in Beverly Hills we source the best ingredients with the best taste and the best nutrition in our meal replacement shakes and snacks that VIP customers demand. 

we cater to the most common food allegies

Not only do we have LACTOSE-FREE PURE WHEY protein as a base option, we also have an amazing tasting EGG WHITE base for those who choose to live 100% DAIRY FREE!

70+ delish customizable flavors

Some have described it at first glance as ‘overwhelming’ how many DELICIOUS FLAVORS we have . . . but we’d prefer to have THAT as our primary problem vs. customers getting bored + sick of  our sh*t.  Plus we spent 15 years PERFECTING our PROPRIETARY FORMULA that we custom microbatch in-house so that NOTHING tastes like sh*t.  Trust us – we made them first + foremost for US to drink!!

when should you drink



Studies show BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day because it sets the tone for the rest of your day + decisions. Choose a MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE that not only has all the nutrition you need to sustain HIGH-ENERGY throughout the day, but it will help you stay on track + eat clean.


3pm slump + need a PICK-ME-UP?? Don't head to the vending machine for a quick sugar fix. Instead satisfy your sweet tooth with an amazing CHOCOLATE PB CUP V-LEAN shake. PRO TIP: make it + keep in a THERMOS BOTTLE so it's retains its perfect ICE CREAM SHAKE consistency all day long!


Consuming a meal replacment shake within 30 min after your workout has been shown to be OPTIMAL for recovery (aka muscle building, reducing soreness, increasing healing, speeding up metabolism) + will help keep your ENERGY LEVELS high as you're on to the next thing! Make before + throw in a thermos bottle or mix it up fast in a shaker bottle. NO EXCUSES!


Don't be a victim to the AIRPORT GIFT SHOP or BAR FOOD when it comes to eating on the go! We get it . . . it's HARD to travel eat right! But V-LEAN single serving packets make it so easy to travel. Just throw a shaker bottle in your bag + LET'S GO! It's easy to mix with milk, bottled water or even an ICED COFFEE, rinse in the sink + you're a total BUSINESS ROCKSTAR!

V-LEAN Shakes

are super convenient to make& recurring delivery discounts are unbeatable!



VERTEX co-creator + brand director

I helped create the V-LEAN + VERTEX VIP line of products out of the needs of 100's of executive + celebrity clients over the years, as well as my own experience + struggle with managing my weight + health. V-LEAN shakes are a must-have staple for the diet of any VIP.

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