Krista grew up an athlete and very active person, who enjoyed participating in soccer, snowboarding, running, hiking, hunting, and just about anything else she could find to do outdoors.  But when she went away to college, the “freshman 15” quickly became the freshman 30, and she felt like her petite frame had ballooned up.

After having struggled with an eating disorder as an athlete in an attempt to keep her weight down as a competitive advantage, she knew that she needed to learn how to eat in a healthy and balanced way that could fuel her lifestyle and activities as an adult.  As she started to workout consistently again, she made sure to fuel her body with PROTEIN 26 Shakes, which she found not only tasted delicious, but were extremely convenient with her busy lifestyle while juggling 2 jobs and starting a career in fitness.

She also did the 2 Day JUMPSTART SPEEDLOSS Cleanse in preparation for her wedding to lose her final 9 lbs, and her dress looked ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS on her slim, toned frame (no Spanx needed!)  “I felt SO AMAZING on my wedding day, I LOVED the way my dress fit and I have the best pictures with my husband.  It was truly a fairy tale day!  It felt awesome to be able to enjoy wearing a string bikini on the beach for my honeymoon too!!”

She still enjoys PROTEIN 26 Shakes as a part of her busy lifestyle, which now includes being a FIT Mommy and running after 2 young boys, while running her own business on the side.  When she gets the chance, she participates in mud runs other fun fitness events with her husband.

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: it’s a tie between snowboarding + hunting


FAVORITE GO-TO PRODUCT: 2-Day Jumpstart Speedloss Cleanse – sometimes you just need a JUMPSTART!  Used this 2 day cleanse to drop the final 9 lbs before her wedding + her dress fit perfectly!