After being overweight since childhood, Debbie had accepted that’s how she and her family were built.  But after a death in the family and a meeting with her own health insurance agent, she decided it was time to make some major changes!

As far back as Debbie could remember she had always been overweight, but assumed that it was just part of her DNA and there wasn’t much she could do to change it since all of her family members were overweight as well.  Then the sudden and unexpected death of her father due to complications during surgery made her start to assess her own health, she started thinking about if she was going to be able to be there to watch her young son grow up.  After meeting with an insurance agent to update her and her husband’s life and health insurance policies, Debbie was shocked when her insurance rates came back 4 times higher than her husband’s, despite the fact that he was overweight and out of shape as well!  That’s when it hit her just how much she had made excuses for her unhealthy habits over the years…and she didn’t want her 7 year old son to grow up learning the same bad habits!

Debbie had worked out with a personal trainer years before, but had never changed her eating habits to make her whole lifestyle healthier, so whatever weight she lost was quickly gained back.  So this time she found a personal trainer who could also help teach her about healthy eating habits that she could adopt for the long term, and teach to her son!

The first thing Debbie did was use PROTEIN 26 Shakes and PUSH Protein Baked Goods as snacks and meal replacements, mixed in with healthy portion controlled meals.  She was eating 5-6 mini-meals per day and was surprised how much more energy she had!  Instead of feeling lethargic and tired and wanting to sit on the couch and watch TV after dinner, she felt more energized and started taking walks or riding bikes in the neighborhood with her husband and son in the evenings.  After about a month of making these changes, she felt ready to tackle the 2 Day JUMPSTART SPEEDLOSS Cleanse.

“I REALLY liked the SPEEDLOSS Cleanse!  I didn’t think I would!!  I thought because it was a ‘cleanse’ it was going to be really hard and I was going to be really hungry – but I actually really liked it and I was only a little hungry a few times.  AND I LOST 14 LBS ON IT!!

Over the next 9 months, Debbie continued with her healthy eating habits and exercise, losing a total of 110 lbs and fitting into a size 8 jean for the FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE!  She used the 2 Day JUMPSTART SPEEDLOSS Cleanse as a monthly weight loss tool, while drinking the PROTEIN 26 Shakes daily as meal replacements and to satisfy her sweet tooth.  PUSH Protein Baked Goods were her treat to herself after a hard workout with her trainer or when she wanted a sweet snack that was still healthy and in line with her goals.

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: boxing with my personal trainer

FAVORITE PROTEIN 26 SHAKE FLAVOR: it’s a tie…between the Butterfinger Booyah! and the Plyometric Peanut Butter…but I also love the Atomic Chocolate…oh and the Cool Mint Condition is good for variety too…okay I really like them all LOL!

BEST PART OF THE WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY:  teaching my son about the importance of healthy eating and exercise – watching him make healthy choices and want to eat healthy foods before football or soccer practice so he can play better!

BEST WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS MOMENT:  when I put on a pair of size 8 jeans in the dressing room…I had grabbed size 14 because that’s what I thought I was…and then I had to keep asking for a smaller size.  I haven’t been this small since middle school!!!