9 Time Hacks If You Are Too Busy To Workout

“I don’t have time to [insert healthy habit(s) of choice]!” How many times have these words escaped your mouth? The fact of the matter is, busy schedules are part of life, but a few tricks can prevent them from sabotaging your health.

1. Portion out your not-so-healthy treats.
Whatever your guilty-pleasure snack is, portion servings out into baggies. Those cravings will arise on occasion, and pre-portioned baggies allow you to indulge without breaking your daily calorie bank.

2. Add weight while blow drying.
Adding wrist weights to your arms before you start blow drying your hair, or using other hot tools is a great way in incorporate some strength training and toning for sexy arms. If you have long, luscious locks, your complete process of drying and styling could end up longer than a class at the gym!

3. Yell “#@!*” to heal pain. 
While it may not be a good idea to do this during a professional interaction, letting expletives fly could help reduce pain, in addition to cope with it. Studies have shown that those who use expletives experienced less perceived pain, and lower heart rates. Just remember to weigh the situation and hold back if needed until you’re in a more private setting.

4. Bring your furry friend!
Dogs can be the BEST motivators. Take your friendly fido on your next walk or run. Their exuberance could help you find an extra 10 minutes to stay outside, walk at a faster clip or get through your run without the mental fight to keep going.

5. Eat ginger to relieve sore muscles.
When you finally do make it to the gym, you push yourself too hard in an attempt to make up for those missed/skipped days and end up too sore to sit the next day. If this sounds like you, try eating ginger, which can be added to stir-fries, juices, smoothies, or tea. Whether raw or heat-treated, consuming 2 grams of ginger per day could reduce post-workout muscle soreness by 25% due to its anti-inflammatory compounds and oils.

6. Book classes in advance.
Even if your busy, once scheduled (and paid for), you will be much less likely to skip the gym.

7. Always have access to a packed gym bag.
By keeping a packed bag in your car or under your desk, you have one less excuse to use to skip the gym. And on the rare occasion your schedule free up, you ‘ll be able to easily get in a spontaneous sweat session before heading home or hitting up happy hour.

8. Give your exercise a 10 minute trial.
Some days you have the time, but not the energy or motivation to exercise. Even when feeling a little under the weather, put in the effort for 10 minutes. If your mood isn’t boosted by the endorphins flooding your system, go ahead and take a rest day. But chances are you’ll be energized and ready to keep going.

9. Pay yourself every time you exercise.
If you struggle to fit in workouts, or if you are someone who hates working out, give yourself some motivation to fit it into your schedule. Whether is a mani/pedi, new purse or trip to the movies, find something you want and exercise your way there by putting $1 aside every time you exercise.

Adding a few simple hacks to your day can have some long term benefits for you health without interfering with your busy lifestyle.