5 Tricks Celebrities Swear By To Reduce Belly Bloat for Big Events

Whenever there’s a major event approaching, it is natural to dream of looking your absolute best. And with the Oscars having just occurred, you can bet last week saw our Hollywood hotties pulling out all the stops to look lean and sexy for the big night. Next time you have an event approaching, try out these celebrities tricks to look leaner and feel lighter.

1. Cut out vegetables, like broccoli and cauliflower. These veggies, while packed with fiber and other health benefits, can cause gases to build up in your abdomen. Cut them from your diet in the days leading up to your event to reduce bloating.

2. Take a hiatus from gum. When you eat, your body produces chemicals to break down food. Chewing gum can trick your body, and, in the absence of food, these chemical can build up and eventually cause digestive difficulties.

3. Don’t consume excessive carbs. 1 gram of carbohydrate can hold onto to 4 to 5 grams of water, so cutting back on carbs can help prevent (and may shed) water weight.

4. If you’ve been overdoing it on carbs, try to incorporate foods with diuretic properties, like asparagus or beets. These naturally help rid the body of excess water.

5. Swap red meat for poultry and white fish. Red meats take longer to digest and can be another factor contributing to a bloated belly. Stick with easier to digest protein sources to keep your digestive system moving and belly flat.

While these tricks can help you appear leaner, they are not solutions for long-term weight loss. When using quick slim down methods, celebrity dietician Ashley Koff, R.D. advises, “Be realistic. The goal doesn’t have to be losing 10 pounds, but you can look as if you’ve lost a few pounds.”