See Which Alcoholic Drinks Have the Least (+ Most) Carbs

When we think of carb heaven, we picture flaky croissants, decadent cupcakes, artisan breads, and perfectly al dente pasta. Alcohol doesn’t even make it onto our radar. And that makes sense when you’re talking about hard alcohol, which is carb free. (Don’t forget to check the nutrition labels of the mixers and liqueurs you use. They can be packed with carbohydrates.)

Beer, wine, cider, and malt beverages, however, really vary when it comes to carb content. We did some investigating and put together the handy graphic below. It’s helpful to know that the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends we limit our intake of carbohydrates to about 225 grams per day, which means a single glass of hard cider or a malt beverage is nearly 10 percent of your daily value.

Data for this chart was collected from the USDA's nutrient database as well as online calorie tracking tools. To determine the number of carbohydrates in hard cider, malt beverages, and the various types of beer, we calculated the average of three popular brands in each category.

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