Meet VIP CAB mother / daughter duo Nicolette + Angelina

VIP CAB profile - nic + lena 2

As part of our VERTEX VIP Customer Advisory Board, we HAD to include longtime client, customer + friend Nicolette, and her amazingly smart + sweet daughter Angelina (Lena).  I have watched Lena grow up over the years, and I must say it’s amazing to see the impact that a FIT MOM ROLE MODEL can have on a daughter.  Teenage girls these days are inundated with images + messages that go into their brains like a flip book, making it even more important to have a healthy, happy, confident role model at home as an example.  Nicolette is truly an amazing mother.  She is a nurturer, a teacher, + most of all, a role model. 

Nicolette - being a career professional and single parent, what do you think is the key to raising a successful daughter like you have?

I think it is essential to put my daughter first during these first and most impressionable moments in her life. The time we have together is actually a short period of time. I also believe it is extremely important to be present with her whether we are working on homework, cooking and/or having dinner, cleaning, playing in the yard, or whatever it may be being in the moment matters. 

I know that strong role modeling and being a positive presence is important as well. So even though I might be putting her first, I am not neglecting myself or displaying a negative female role. I strive to show her how she too can be successful and independent on her own. That being single is not a negative option. I want her to know that her choices are valued and important. Career choices, being in a relationship or not, becoming a mother…all can happen and are valuable. 

Lena - what is your favorite activity in school?

Inside the school walls, my favorite activity is conducting science experiments in science club and in class. I love to learn, especially all things science related. I aspire to be a scientist when I am older and conducting experiments is the perfect way to continue my love of science. 

Outside of the school walls, my favorite activity is playing soccer. Soccer is a great way to be a leader, make friends, stay healthy, and have fun. 

Nicolette - when it comes to keeping your life organized and productive what advice can you give our busy professional customers out there?

Prioritize – that is the key. Do the essential items first and keep to a schedule. If it is important – it is on the calendar written in ink. I keep a calendar that shows the entire month which allows both Lina and I to accomplish our goals in a timely manner. It certainly has helped her to complete school work on time as well as being prepared for events, assessments and other activities.

(BOTH) What is the best experience you’ve had this summer so far?

[Nic] Over the summer I had the joy of taking my daughter on an adventure to Italy. Years ago I had the opportunity to travel to Italy with my mother. I wanted to some day have the same experience with my daughter. That opportunity came sooner than I thought and I could not be happier. We had a wonderful time and it will be a memory I have forever.

[Lena] This summer, my favorite experience was traveling to Italy for soccer. It was my first time traveling out of the country. Being able to travel with my club soccer team, I made a lot of memories, made new friends, learned how to navigate unknown areas, and learned how to deal with language barriers. Playing soccer with kids from another country opened my eyes because they play the sport differently than players from the United States. It was a great experience competing with the Italians.Traveling to Europe was one of the best experiences of my life and hope to travel back to Italy in the far future with my children.