6 DRINKS get a Low-Cal Makeover

The holiday season is practically synonymous with parties! Between the holiday office party, meeting up with old friends, happy hours and New Year’s bashes … in other words, it’s prime drinking season.

Unfortunately, all of those extra cocktails can add up in the calorie count—just one regular margarita contains 455 calories!

That’s why it’s so important to opt for low calorie alcoholic drinks whenever possible.

To help you save some calories, here’s our list of the TOP 6 drinks you can enjoy to get your BUZZ ON while keeping those extra POUNDS OFF!

Low-Calorie Coconut Margarita

(80 calories)
Pour coconut tequila over ice in a rocks glass, add a splash of coconut water, and squeeze a lime wedge over top.

Vodka Gimlet

(60 calories)
2 oz light vodka
juice of 1 lime
2 packets powdered stevia
Shake the ingredients with ice, then strain into martini glass or over ice into rocks glass.


Low-Calorie Sangria

(82 calories per serving)
1 bottle dry white wine
9 ounces low-calorie lemon vodka
2 cups peach iced tea
18 oz of frozen blueberries
18 oz of frozen strawberries
Mix all the ingredients together and serve over ice.


Low-Calorie Mojito

(50 calories)
Mix rum, a few torn mint leaves, two to three lime wedges, and a splash of agave nectar in a rocks glass with ice. Top the mixture with soda water.

Pineapple Lemon Cocktail

(98 calories per serving)
3 oz frozen pineapple
1 ounce low-calorie lemon vodka
2 ounces lemon lime sparkling water
juice from one lemon and one lime wedge
Stir the first three ingredients together and top with a lemon and lime wedge.

Sriracha Bloody Mary

(80 calories)
Mix Powell & Mahoney organic Sriracha bloody Mary mix with low-calorie vodka. Top with a celery stalk.