The TOP 15 Foods of Hollywood A Lister VIP Clients used in 2017 for Flatter Abs


We thought a recap of the all time TOP 15 FOODS used by our Hollywood A Lister clients would be a great way to bring in the new year!  As we always say…. “You can do all the crunches in the world, but that finely tuned 6-pack will never see the light of day if you don’t put in the work in the kitchen too”. Celebrity trainers at Body by Todd always stress this and compiled this list of 15 foods that keep help keep their star-studs muscles fueled, stomachs less bloated and allow them to expose their rockin’ abs […]

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3 Tricks – Jeans that make you look thinner TODAY!

Jeans that make you look thinner

#1 Trick for Jeans that make you look thinner:  Choose BOOT CUT JEANS. Jeans should hug you in all the right places, and for most women’s bodies, BOOT CUT JEANS are a go-to staple! Dark denims in this cut are the most flattering in terms of causing a slimming effect. The slight flare at the ankle will give a long, lean appearance.  Add a longish top for coverage and a cropped, fitted jacket to nip in your waist, and you’re ready for a night out on the town!   #2  Jean Color + Cut:  Choose LONG, DARK PANTS. Shoe-skimming superdark jeans that […]

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The Importance of Brain Optimization for the Executive Type

I wanted to write this article based off a few reasons. One of those is because a colleague of mine recently had the world’s most credentialed strength and conditioning coach come to speak to all the executives and employees of a very large organization. This main topic was on brain optimization and how to increase the efficiency of tasks and productivity in the workplace. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to take some certifications with this coach as well as hear him speak before. The other reasons being are related to the fact that the wellness community, in […]

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Excerpt from “Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time”

The Body: Physical Energy Our program begins by focusing on physical energy. It is scarcely news that inadequate nutrition, exercise, sleep, and rest diminish people’s basic energy levels, as well as their ability to manage their emotions and focus their attention. Nonetheless, many executives don’t find ways to practice consistently healthy behaviors, given all the other demands in their lives. Before participants in our program begin to explore ways to increase their physical energy, they take an energy audit, which includes four questions in each energy dimension—body, emotions, mind, and spirit. (See the exhibit “Are You Headed for an Energy […]

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Gain a MAJOR Power Edge with Breakfast

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day! This first meal of the day has been proved to be linked to many health benefits, such as… Energy: breakfast gives your brain and body the fuel to start functioning properly Brain enhancer: Breakfast is shown to help you improve your memory and your ability to concentrate Better mood: the energy gained from a healthy breakfast, will let you experience an improved mood and lower stress levels Weight control: studies have showed that breakfast skippers will be more likely tempted to grab fatty and salty/sugary snacks due to […]

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Wake Up, Head Out, + Eat Protein On-the-Go or at the Office

Throughout my executive and entrepreneurial career, I have found that the need for high levels of energy is crucial to success and a key way to boost energy and control weight as well as improve health by leaps and bounds is by consistently eating an energy infused breakfast. Whether its pushing through a tough day of business meetings, a rigorous schedule at Harvard Business School, Army and sports training, I’ve experienced all these various demands for energy and without question good nutrition is the key to staying focused and being my best.   Well, new research  from ” Heather A. […]

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Healthy Tacos the Whole FAM can Love!

Homemade tacos are delicious, quick to cook, packed with flavor and quite filling. The best part is, there are plenty of ways to make tacos HEALTHY without sacrificing TASTE! The recipe below can serve as your base, and you can personalize them to your taste with additional grilled or fresh veggies, or top it with cheese or delicious guacamole. Fix them up any way you want to, but here is a dish that we can guarantee just about EVERYONE will love!! Ingredients: 3 chicken breast halves (skinned) 2 cans chipotle chiles in adobo sauce (finely chopped) 1 bay leaf 1/8 freshly ground black […]

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3 QUICK + Delish Dishes using Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon Crostini This elegant appetizer features toasted baguette slices topped with smoked salmon, fresh herbs, and creamy cheese spread. Yield: 24 servings (serving size: 2 crostini) Ingredients: 1/2 cup chopped fennel bulb 1/4 cup chopped green onions 1 tablespoon extravirgin olive oil 2 teaspoons chopped fresh dill 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind 1 1/2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 3/4 pound cold-smoked salmon, cut into thin strips 48 (1/2-inch-thick) slices French bread baguette, toasted (about 1 1/2 pounds) 1/2 cup light garlic-and-herbs spreadable cheese (such as Alouette Light) Fresh dill sprigs (optional) Preparation: Combine […]

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6 of the Tastiest Low Cal Drinks + Mixers

Following a healthy diet means sacrificing certain foods, especially those that are HIGH in Calories + LOW in Nutritional value, such as alcohol. However, if you aren’t ready to go cold turkey on your social drinking habits, there are some smart choice you can make to create delicious, low cal concoctions that WON’T sabotage your goals. KEEP IN MIND – to indulge yourself without feeling guilty, sip in moderation. Watch portion size – a couple of refills or an oversize serving glass + the next thing you know you’ve blow your whole game plan! Here are 6 tasty fewer-than-200-calorie drink options: Mojito: Although a drink made […]

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The Strong & Sexy HIIT Workout That Blasts Fat in Just 15 Minutes!

Just because your schedule is packed doesn’t mean you don’t have time for a quick workout! Erin Bulvanoski of Kore New York developed a 15 minute (that’s right, 15 MINUTE) workout to help blast away fat and torch calories. If you’re ready to put in the work and give it your all, get ready for a total-body workout that will get the job done. How it works: After an active warm-up and quick stretch, you’ll start with core exercises followed by the Kore 4 strength and stability sequence. Next is the fast-paced HIIT section of the workout until you lower your heart […]

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4 Answers to Your Weight Loss Complaints

Life is not always a walk in the park. Losing weight is one of its less pleasant experiences, but it doesn’t have to be! Half the weight loss battle is mental, and your own struggles and complaints may be preventing you from achieving your health goals. To help you conquer your thoughts, here are four common complaints people have about having to drop pounds and four solutions to make it easier. 1. “I can’t eat my favorite foods.” We all have our vices when it comes to food, but thinking these foods are completely off limits is mentally devastating. Instead […]

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5 Tricks Celebrities Swear By To Reduce Belly Bloat for Big Events

Whenever there’s a major event approaching, it is natural to dream of looking your absolute best. And with the Oscars having just occurred, you can bet last week saw our Hollywood hotties pulling out all the stops to look lean and sexy for the big night. Next time you have an event approaching, try out these celebrities tricks to look leaner and feel lighter. 1. Cut out vegetables, like broccoli and cauliflower. These veggies, while packed with fiber and other health benefits, can cause gases to build up in your abdomen. Cut them from your diet in the days leading […]

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