Auto Ship Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions.  Please read.  As a participant in the Vertex Foods AutoShip program, I authorize VBSI, Inc / Vertex Foods to ship my order to me monthly after processing the payment method that I have indicated.  Vertex Foods is under no obligation to ship any products until full payment has been received.  Shipment will take place approximately 7-14 days from payment confirmation.

AUTOSHIP:  All new autoship agreements received will generate an order to be shipped within 7-14 days of receipt each month thereafter.  Your autoship order will be sent on or about the same time each month.

SHIPPING:  All autoship orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail or USPS First class International Mail.

REVISION:  You may revise your autoship agreement.  To do so, submit an email to: and we will adjust your account.  Vertex Foods must have no sooner than 10 days to adjust your autoship plan.

CANCELLATION:  If a member decides to cancel their autoship, a signed notification must be submitted to  Autoship program is a 60 day program, so cancellations can take place after the 2nd payment is made, no exceptions permitted.  Your account will auto-renew each month until you cancel your autoship.  Any cancellation you submit on your account will be a 30 day notice to cancel, there are no instant cancellations.  [ie; if you cancel your auto ship on 2/4/18 and your account debits on 2/14/18 you will still be obligated for the Feb. payment but will not be billed on 3/14/18].

RETURNS:  Due to the nature of food products and our items are custom made we cannot accept returns for any food items.  If an item is damaged we will replace and ship to you.