Amanda was used to battling her weight since college.  But when she saw a picture of herself that a friend took when she wasn’t paying attention, she knew it was time to make a permanent change!

A volleyball player through high school, she continued to play for fun as a club activity through college.  By her late 20s however, she found that her volleyball games with friends had turned into social activities that included more beer most of the time than what she was exercising off!  As her weight crept up, she just ignored it and started concealing it more with her clothing choices.  Then one day seeing a candid photo from a friend shocked her into the reality of how much weight she’d gained and that she needed to make a change!

Needing some motivation and wanting to see results fast, Amanda decided to do a 2 Day JUMPSTART SPEEDLOSS Cleanse to help kill her cravings for unhealthy foods she was used to eating daily and help get her diet on the right track, and committed to working out 2 days per week at a private training studio.  She was surprised that the 2 day cleanse was not as hard as she expected and after it she was 10 lbs lighter, feeling more energized, had more room in her waistband of her pants, and wanted to continue to see more results!

Over the next few months, Amanda learned how to make diet and exercise work with her body type.  Frustrated that the scale weight didn’t seem to be moving even though the inches were falling off, (her pants were now falling off too!) she did another 2 Day JUMPSTART SPEEDLOSS Cleanse at the start of month 4 and lost another 8 lbs this time on it.  

“I think the cleanses really helped, not only because they’re good for the metabolism and weight loss, but they also helped keep me motivated when I wanted to give up!  It was a good way to re-focus on my goals and get back on track to keep going!”

Now after losing 75 lbs Amanda feels like a new person – “I was making a lot of changes in my life at the time and I’m really glad I decided to do this – I didn’t know I could look and feel this good.  I’ve even started running regularly and signed up for a 5k with a friend – I never thought I could do something like that before.”

FAVORITE ACTIVITY:  sand volleyball with friends


FAVORITE PROTEIN 26 SHAKE FLAVOR: I drink the Protein 26 Butterfinger Shakes almost everyday – sometimes 2 per day.  I’m not a morning person so it’s easy and fast and a good choice for breakfast.  Then I normally drink one after I workout in the evening.