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6 of the Tastiest Low Cal Drinks + Mixers

Following a healthy diet means sacrificing certain foods, especially those that are HIGH in Calories + LOW in Nutritional value, such as alcohol. However, if you aren’t ready to go cold turkey on your social drinking habits, there are some smart choice you can make to create delicious, low cal concoctions that WON’T sabotage your goals. KEEP IN MIND – to indulge yourself without feeling guilty, sip in moderation. Watch portion size – a couple of refills or an oversize serving glass + the next thing you know you’ve blow your whole game plan! Here are 6 tasty fewer-than-200-calorie drink options: Mojito: Although a drink made […]

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6 DRINKS get a Low-Cal Makeover

The holiday season is practically synonymous with parties! Between the holiday office party, meeting up with old friends, happy hours and New Year’s bashes … in other words, it’s prime drinking season. Unfortunately, all of those extra cocktails can add up in the calorie count—just one regular margarita contains 455 calories! That’s why it’s so important to opt for low calorie alcoholic drinks whenever possible. To help you save some calories, here’s our list of the TOP 6 drinks you can enjoy to get your BUZZ ON while keeping those extra POUNDS OFF! Low-Calorie Coconut Margarita (80 calories) Pour coconut […]

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