5 Tricks Celebrities Swear By To Reduce Belly Bloat for Big Events

Whenever there’s a major event approaching, it is natural to dream of looking your absolute best. And with the Oscars having just occurred, you can bet last week saw our Hollywood hotties pulling out all the stops to look lean and sexy for the big night. Next time you have an event approaching, try out these celebrities tricks to look leaner and feel lighter. 1. Cut out vegetables, like broccoli and cauliflower. These veggies, while packed with fiber and other health benefits, can cause gases to build up in your abdomen. Cut them from your diet in the days leading […]

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11 Tricks to Wake Up More Beautiful Than You Went to Sleep

Beauty sleep gets a bad rap. Even when you manage to hit the sack early, that first look in the mirror can still make you cringe (#nofilter?). But in truth, beauty sleep isn’t a myth and you can attain it! But you need to put in a little work because as far as quality goes…what you put in is what you get out. So if you are ready to wake up truly refreshed and well-rested, here are 11 tricks that can help you wake up feeling prettier than the night before. Actually DO Your Skincare Regimen. Nighttime is when our bodies […]

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12 Beauty, Health + Anti-Aging Benefits of Cleansing

So what’s all this BUZZ about DETOXING + CLEANSING?  Is it REALLY that great?  Will it help me lose weight…make my skin glow…make me healthier?!?  Why am I doing this again… With SO much information available on the internet now, sometimes it can be difficult to not get lost while sifting through all the material on the various pros + cons of the latest health + fitness trends.  So we decided to simplify the topic of CLEANSING for you.  Below are your CLIFF NOTES on some of the MOST POSITIVE benefits from cleansing. 1. Boosts Your Energy Many detox program followers report […]

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